Healing holistic facialist and body worker, a former Pilates teacher, and luxury wellbeing retreat host, Susie Mermaid has 15 years of hands-on experience, delivering dreamy personalised treatments, guided breath work and meditation, travelling internationally with private clientele and celebrity, across land and sea.

Those who experience Susie’s treatments often comment on her healing hands. This is not just ‘beauty’ – tuning in with moon energy and rhythm of the tide, Susie’s ‘head to tail’ bespoke treatments take you on an ebb and flow journey, going deeper than skin, working at an energetic level to bring about a deep sense of peace and emotional wellbeing. Results are seen and felt, with a lifted and restored rejuvenation of the complexion, a sense of peace and harmony felt in the entire being, each mermaid guest is left feeling emotionally lighter.




During these uncertain and stressful times, the importance of finding inner balance is more important than ever. Allowing yourself time for self-care practices has a positive impact on the way you look, feel, and how you can manage to reduce stress.

Since 2008, Susie’s treatment methodology has remained the same, working with gifted intuition, healing hands, therapeutic touch and award-winning skincare; this superpower, multi-dimensional combination provides the ultimate holistic wellbeing experiences that deliver at soul level, to bring about profound change from ‘head to tail’. Results are seen in the complexion, felt in the body, and leave each special guest feeling emotional lighter within the entire aura.



Our ‘mermaids’ are connected to each other universally by their freedom of spirit, wisdom and passion for life. Just as the tide continually regenerates, the mermaid adapts to the ever changing ebb and flow of life, showing resilience to all challenges..

The mermaid is ageless, her power is in her tenacity to adapt and thrive, her mystique is timeless beauty. For Susie, from a young age the idea of a mermaid was fascinating, inspirational, mysterious, and never about glitter slogans on T-shirts or themed cartoon versions. Our mermaid represents an ethereal being, a mystical creation, a spiritual soul. In ancient folklore she can be depicted as bad, good, or alluring. For us the mermaid spirit is found in ocean and all of nature, she is a healer, a wild free spirit, the embodiment of feminine power, energy and individualism. She is unique, just as each of us.

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Nurtures, brightens and hydrates.
58ml℮ / 1.96fl.oz
Replenishes, rejuvenates and restores.
30ml℮ / 1.01fl.oz
Nurtures, enriches and firms.
200ml℮ / 6.76fl.oz
Replenishes, calms and hydrates.
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