Pearl Luminesce
Daily Hydration

Smooths, plumps and protects.

78% Organic / 99% Natural

Vegan and cruelty free.

100ml℮ / 3.38fl.oz

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A lightweight yet deeply hydrating daily moisturiser. Potent antioxidants from land and sea defend skin ageing. Luxurious pomegranate, rich in vitamin E infuses the skin, encouraging collagen production for enhanced bounce and elasticity. Zinc oxide provides environmental protection and mineral rich marine algae fight inflammation to smooth and refine the complexion. A multitasking treatment with hyaluronic acid to boost hydration levels, plumping and firming skin every day. Provides a smooth primer base for make up/spf to glide on. Can be layered with Luna Tide for an extra boost of dewy hydration.
Usage guide 4-6 months.

★★★★★ This moisturiser has helped clear out my skin.”
“Since I’ve been using with the cleanser, my spots have cleared”
“I have really been loving it”
“I will 100% be buying them again.
Phoebe Greenacre

★★★★★ Smells earthy, herbal and amazing. Texture starts off very light then thickens up and as you massage in it becomes rich.
Helen Herbert

★★★★★ I love the natural scent and how you feel afterwards with your skin – its close to a spa treatment at home.
Camille Andrieu


"Goes on light and refreshing, then turns like magic into a nourishing cream. Smells like the sea and sunshine too."
Mermaid customer review
Key Ingredients

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An important mineral that encourages the production of collagen and elastin fibres which give the skin bounce and elasticity. It helps to prevent the formation of free radicals caused by environmental factors such as exposure to UV rays and pollution. Zinc offers healing properties and regulates the activity of the oil glands, it has been shown to have a beneficial effect on skin conditions such as acne, blemishes and rosacea.

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Kelp grows in underwater forests and helps to protect the skin from environmental damage. Nutrient-rich and packed with beautifying vitamins, antioxidants and minerals to defend the signs of ageing. It offers intense hydration to soften and protect the skin, as well as boasts anti-inflammatory properties to help combat skin conditions. It also contains firming properties and helps to remove toxins; a powerful natural skin therapy from the ocean.

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A nourishing seed oil that contains high levels of antioxidants to fend off free radicals that contribute to signs of ageing. Absorbs and penetrates deeply without blocking the pores. Contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, promoting collagen production to improve skin elasticity and firmness of tone. The linoleic acid content helps to balance sebum levels and omega 5 fatty acid helps to provide skin barrier protection and to assist in skin repair. Promotes skin cell regeneration to encourage brighter complexions. Maintains moisture levels, thereby nourishing and hydrating the skin for a timeless mermaid radiance.

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Directions of Use

Shake bottle before each use, apply after Ocean Serene Cleanser, smooth onto the skin, neck and face. Avoid getting product in eyes. Layer with Luna Tide for enhanced dewy hydration.
Apply before using SPF or makeup.

Replenishes, rejuvenates and restores.
50ml℮ / 1.69fl.oz
Nurtures, brightens and hydrates.
100ml℮ / 3.38fl.oz
Brightens, firms and refines.
100ml℮ / 3.38fl.oz.